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Ukrainian tourism
How can Ukraine be positioned within
the framework "as well as"?
Travel positioning should give visitors a good reason for coming
in Ukraine. It is clear that for different groups of potential
tourists those reasons are different. So it makes sense to demonstrate
our principles of positioning development on some examples.
Private Tourism
Potential target groups:
• people on the threshold of making decision;
♦ spiritual seekers;
• people in crisis;
♦ Slavdom of the World.
Ukraine , with its philosophy of "as well as" is a unique area with
a favourable environment for giving birth to something new
between the things, that are normally opposed to each other. It’s
a space, where you may experience a breakthrough, a leap, a
renovation, an insight. The country provides space for new ideas,
resolution of internal conflicts, taking complex decisions. Here
one comes to bring him/herself to the point of balance and
integration, to undergo a spiritual and physical renewal. Here one
has space and time where all alternatives can be equally true,
where you can keep the "dynamic pause". In Ukraine it’s logical
to extend personal boundaries, to get new experience, knowledge
and skills, to acquire new habits and to get rid of the old ones, to
contemplate, to invent, to combine, to learn life in a new way, to
arrange weddings...
Business tourism.
T-groups: "Companies and sectors on the
threshold of changes" (publishing, telecommunications,
IT, architecture, construction, transport,
tourism, etc.)
For the groups mentioned above Ukraine is a place for emergence
of "ideas on jointing edge", to share experiences, to negotiate,
and considering its favourable geographic location, transport and
tourist hub, the city for locating central European offices. In
Ukraine it is reasonable to organize intersectoral, interdisciplinary,
interfaith events: conferences, summits, forums and expos,
hold multilateral talks, councils, field session. Ukraine can apply
to international sport events, multigenre and jazz music festivals.
The concept of "as well as" brings forth irony. International
Comedy Film Festival could be the trade mark, for example, the
one in Odessa.

«Ukraine: the Dynamic Pause» tourist
The Problem: the time flow gets faster, its pressure increases.
“Identity crisises” become a common thing, as well, as the
moments, when one must make decision of the greatest importance.
The range of options is huge, how to pick the only one?
Resolution: creating a “Ukraine: Dynamic Pause tourist
network”. Tourist product: covering Ukraine with the network of
"slow routes”: foot, horseback, bicycle, water, the oxen ... with an
extensive network of staging posts with the ability to sync with
a "fast global time”: WI-FI, all kinds of communication, entertainment
and spiritual events within the concept of “as well as".
Development: infrastructure development by means of small
businesses with minimal state support, covering by the project
development of small towns and villages to promote employment
of local people, markets for local products. That assumes: design
of an interactive map. Many forms and ways: spiritual (monasteries)
— health (apitherapy), cultural (festivals) — sport (cycling,
kayaking, fishing ...), intellectual and psychological, "conversational”
and “silent“, etc.
What do we “sell” in such a way to our customers?
The space, where all the options are right. An opportunity of a
dynamic pause. Time and space for making decisions.
Communication examples:
Going over the edge of choice. Between “scary” and “boring”.
Between “play” and “stop”. Between “me” and “us”. Between
senses and mind. The space of dynamic balance. You’ll come back
different.” “Ukraine – is your personal Joker’” or “Pull your
“There is a place in the world to come for bringing yourself to
balance, to retrieve wholeness, to make a decision. In Ukrainian
language sense inherent both sensual and intellectual aspects;
they can teach you to “think with your heart”. Adjoin contrasts
create highly energized space. The space of the dynamic, “blast”
pause. The space for dynamic balance. Here you can disburden
from routine and dip into a new “blast” atmosphere. Letting
yourself to be rather “as well as”, instead of “either… or”.
Discovering a new balance. Finding DIFFERENT solutions. It’s a
special world – — perfect for resolving inner conflicts, making
decisions, bringing forth innovations, ideas and personal transformations.
In here it’s weird. It’s unusual. It’s wonderful!”
So, it makes sense to promote the product using contrast: pacing ads
in places with the highest speed (including speed of life): a business
centres of the city, on highways, in airports, on main informational
web-sites of the country, in evening news etc.
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